We’ve been working on the inside of the main container while it was sitting temporally on blocks so now we have started on the footings.


First hole was done with a crow bar – couldn’t find the key to the excavator – second hole was dug with the newly hotwired excavator.

Learning to use the excavator the hard way – DIY without anyone telling me how to do it

Used the excavator to relocate the second container on to a newly scraped pad further apart from the the Blue container.  We are now placing a new 20ft HC container 4ft from either container to create a the back wall to our living area

Sunday night – hand mixed concrete with trench mesh and reo bar


Monday night – completed one footing

We are planning to lift the container up on blocks – then drag the container across and above the new level footings without damaging them.  - we need about 400 past the footing so that we can then get at the footing location at the front of the container with the excavator.  We will then pour the pad, build the block work and allow the footings to cure.  Then supported on the wooden blocks we will move the container over the new footings, lift it a corner at a time, remove the wooden blocks and lower the corner onto the final footings.  Repeat at the other three corners.

All levels have been set using a clear plastic water level (after our laser level was stolen)

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