When you design a new you beaut wardrobe then sometimes the studs in the wall have to be placed at unusual spacings – I can see the shoe storage, drawers as well as the hanging space in this 8 ft wide space.

We are planning to fill the void areas with insulation and then plaster the area – two 1350 wide plasterboard sheets fit with just a little trimming.




Now this side of the main accommodation container is being framed up.  Our chipboard floor is down and we are lining the entire eastern wall – theres a doorway to the ensuite and a window to be included in the ensuite.

We should have the frame completed by the end of easter, electrical rough in, plumbing rough in and plasterboard by the end of Easter

We’ve decided to use full size framing to get nice clean finish and have avoided the tendency of using smaller timbers to maximise space.  We have some major design changes that build upon our original ideas.  More to come of these soon


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