Pallet Gardening

Recycling is something that comes naturally when you are building a container home

We are looking to build some raised vegetable beds as well as adding some colour.  Our soil, in the outer north west of Melbourne surburbia is totally devoid of vegetable material and struggles to grow thistle.


So we have been inventing raised garden beds using some left over pallets  Were looking to use the square foot gardening approach to our new beds.

Examples we found on the web include these from Brisbane


These are very neat and clean – our pallets arnt that good


Our approach was to wrap the pallets with weedmesh rather than creating the bags of soil as shown in the above photos.

We laid down two small pallets with solid ply tops then two larger and then two smaller pallets.  Each of the top two pallet sets were wrapped together and filled with soil.  We also added a weeping soaker hose to the pallets so we could irrigate the pallets.















Behind the pallets (to the south) we are building our compost heap – once we get three pallet stacks we will have a three bay compost heap






























We plan to punch holes into the front faces of the pallets and grow herbs

It just takes a hell of a lot of soil (which we have had to seive to get rid of rocks) to fill these

We’ll post more after we have planted.

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